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Every cat's home is his castle! My Persians are my children and share my home with us, many settling into bed with us at night...or snuggling up on a favourite chair. Each one is our cherished baby (irrespective of age!), with his or her own special character. In addition, they have a glass enclosed indoor area dedicated to them, for their exclusive pleasure, where they are kept safe and sound.


I am eternally grateful to those very special, experienced breeders who offered guidance, sharing their tremendous knowledge and expertise of breeding and showing. From the outset, I aimed for a specific goal, striving towards breeding the ideal Persian - healthy cats conforming to the breed standard, with purrsonalities to match! This is unlikely to be achieved without a carefully worked out programme, breeding the best available cats towards achieving that ideal. I would never have achieved this in isolation and the ongoing friendships that developed with breeders, show organisers, vets and other cat lovers still means the world to me.

We hope you will enjoy this site and visit back often. Perhaps one day I may even decide to show some of my beautiful cats again – never say never!

Special thanks to Theresa Fouche, Ronnie Magic and Norma Hush for the wonderful show photography over the years, much of your work on view on this site. Thanks also to breeders and exhibitors who have permitted me to use their photographs on my website.


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